Can Moving Pods Really Help?

If you have ever moved your own belongings from one location to another using a moving truck and not using moving pods, then you already know how time consuming, costly and painful this process can be. You have to first reserve a truck, pick it up, pay for mileage and use of the truck then drive it to the new location. It then must be unloaded and returned to the original or secondary facility. Appliance dollies, furniture dollies and other equipment items can be used to minimize the heavy lifting. But, you still have to get boxes up the ramp and then sorted into the truck.

Moving Pods

When you need to store the items for any reason at all then you double the work in the above process. Meanwhile, your back, arms and legs are getting a workout but leaving you sore and needing ibuprofen. Instead of going through all of this hassle and cost it is better to rent a moving pod and have it delivered to your location. You can walk all of your boxes, furniture and appliances directly into the pod and then have the driver pick it up and place it in the facility until you need to have it unloaded.

Moving Pods Benefits

The benefits of using moving storage units make it one of the smartest moving choices that you will find anywhere. You don’t have to worry about renting a truck, paying mileage, working up or down a ramp. You can take as much time as you need to get packed. This relieves stress and all of your belongings are safe and secure from weather and other hazards.  They are encased in a metal container designed to keep everything out. This is the ideal solution whether you need temporary storage during a relocation or long-term while you are away at college or on job assignment.

Moving yourself is always cheaper than hiring a moving company. However, there is no reason why you need to put your body through a rigorous physical workout.  You can simply walk the items in to the storage on a level field. Check out the storage units in North Hollywood options today and find out how you can save your pennies and get your home packed up and stored safely.

While self-storage is nothing new, the portable storage system has changed the age-old system into a convenient and simple storage process. Introduced quite a few years ago, mobile storage units provide an efficient and easy way to pack and store items. Companies like PODS® and Public Storage have, over the years, developed various portable storage concepts, including the portable storage delivery systems and several storage containers sizes, which they referred to as PODS® for Portable On Demand Storage (Box-n-Go Storage is not associated, sponsored or affiliated with PODS Enterprises, Inc. PODS® is a registered trademark of PODS Enterprises, Inc.)

Today, Box-n-Go Storage has taken the concept pioneered by Public Storage and PODS Enterprises, Inc. a step further: we can deliver one or several portable storage containers that are modular and sized right, at the same time, straight to your door in Southern California. Box-n-Go Storage is not associated, sponsored or affiliated with Public Storage, Inc., U-Haul International, Inc. or PODS Enterprises, Inc. Public Storage® is a registered trademark of Public Storage, Inc. U-Haul® is a registered trademark of U-Haul International, Inc. PODS® (Portable On Demand Storage) is a registered trademark of PODS Enterprises, Inc.

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