Stanton Self Storage
Stanton Self Storage

Stanton Self Storage

There are premium and inexpensive options when it comes to Stanton Self Storage.  Both choices have their advantages and disadvantages.

In order to get the most value for your Stanton Self Storage you need to organize it correctly. The first thing that you need to do is classify your items that you need to store.  Household furniture, appliances, clothes and books just require ordinary storage facilities.  However, if you own some antiques and delicate items, you may have to sign up for storage facilities that offer controlled temperature and humidity.

Be creative in using the storage space.  Whenever possible, store items such as furniture vertically to save on space.  Fill in hidden spaces with smaller items that have to be stored.  Drawers can be used to store clothes, books and fashion accessories.

Box-n-Go offers a unique service for Stanton residents they deliver a mobile storage container direct to your home.

This storage unit provides an ideal way to store by allowing you to carefully pack and place your belongings in the container in your own time.  The container is low loading with easy access so no lifting problems.

The benefit over dealing with a regular Stanton self-storage site is that you do not have to pack items into a truck then drive them to a storage company to unpack into a regular storage locker.  So saving time as you will not be packing and commuting to a remote storage facility twice over.

While self-storage is nothing new, the portable storage system has changed the age-old system into a convenient and simple storage process. Introduced quite a few years ago, mobile storage units provide an efficient and easy way to pack and store items. Companies like PODS® and Public Storage have, over the years, developed various portable storage concepts, including the portable storage delivery systems and several storage containers sizes, which they referred to as PODS® for Portable On Demand Storage (Box-n-Go Storage is not associated, sponsored or affiliated with PODS Enterprises, Inc. PODS® is a registered trademark of PODS Enterprises, Inc.)

Today, Box-n-Go Storage has taken the concept pioneered by Public Storage and PODS Enterprises, Inc. a step further: we can deliver one or several portable storage containers that are modular and sized right, at the same time, straight to your door in Southern California. Box-n-Go Storage is not associated, sponsored or affiliated with Public Storage, Inc., U-Haul International, Inc. or PODS Enterprises, Inc. Public Storage® is a registered trademark of Public Storage, Inc. U-Haul® is a registered trademark of U-Haul International, Inc. PODS® (Portable On Demand Storage) is a registered trademark of PODS Enterprises, Inc.

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