Residential Moving
Residential Moving

Residential Moving Get Off to A great Start To Pack

With our expert Residential Moving tips the time will just fly by.  No more headaches or long exhausting days ending with a collapse on the sofa and an order of greasy pizza.  Here’s how to begin; Collect your packing tools the day before.  Get everything you need set up, but don’t start in on the packing yet.  You may find these tools helpful:

– Packing peanuts

– Packing tape

– Boxes of all sizes

– 1-2 Dark, water-resistant markers.

– Note pad

– Bubble wrap

– Razor knife and/or scissors

Choose one table to be your “work” table.  This way your tools will not get lost in the heaps of piles as you work.

The morning of your packing day:

The basis of our residential moving tips begins with preparation.  Make sure you have well fortified your system with a high nutrition, high protein meal.  You know what foods work best for you.  Ask yourself, what foods give me the most energy, for the longest amount of time?  For some people that’s eggs and bacon.  For others it’s broiled sweet potatoes with organic chicken, or a hearty bowl of oatmeal with nuts and berries.

Get a little exercise in first.  Even though you may be feeling rushed, doing some stretches and getting your heart pumping before you ever set a hand on your piles will help you in the long run.  This promises you a calm mind as you work.

If you are already feeling stressed, even after your exercise and healthy breakfast, consider cutting back on coffee during your packing.  Keep well hydrated.  One thing that will relieve your stress – remembering that a residential moving truck rental will be unnecessary with our system.  Take care as you prepare to pack, and we wish you a healthful residential move!

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