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Take your items out of Hacienda Heights Storage and give them away today!

Did you know that July 15th was national; “Give something away day”? I often wonder who created all these national days and how many people know about them. Nonetheless, they exist, and there are many people in Hacienda Heights and throughout the United States who know about these national days and participate in the activities that are associated with these days.

Give something away day is great because it gives you the opportunity to pay it forward, give back and feel good about doing good deeds for others. However, it doesn’t have to be a national holiday for you to give your away. In fact, if you feel that your storage unit in Hacienda Heights is becoming too full, you can start extended you’re the national days, and give your belongings away whenever you want!

So, you probably had your items in Hacienda storage, you are probably not sure what to give away or how you should proceed about getting your items out of storage in Hacienda Heights. Therefore, we prepared a few tips to help you get your items out of Hacienda Heights storage, and give back to those in need or those you want to do something special for.


Decide what day you will give away items   in Hacienda Heights 

It’s no secret that we live in a fast paced society. If you don’t plan your days accordingly, you will find yourself post-poning plans, missing appointments, and putting things off for months, and even years. This is why it’s important to determine the day you want to give your items away to people.


Retrieve your items out of Hacienda Heights storage

Once you have the exact date that you want to have your “give away “ day, you can call your  storage center in Hacienda Heights and arrange a pickup time. Most storage centers in Hacienda Heights have flexible hours where you can retrieve your items.


Make a list of all the items that you want to give away

Once you arrive at your storage in Hacienda Heights, you will have the opportunity to rummage through your belongings. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy. This way you can make a list of all the items that you are retrieving from storage and all the items that will continue to stay in storage. If you made an inventory list when you initially put your items in storage in Hacienda Heights, you should have no problem checking off the list.

Give away the items that you no longer need

After you retrieved your items, it’s time to give away the items you no longer need. Most likely you already had a designated place where you would give your items away in Hacienda Heights. Maybe you set up a donation bin in your front yard, or perhaps you invited a few of your close family and friends over to your Hacienda Heights home  and told them to pick whatever they like.

Giving your items away makes you feel good, but it also helps you create extra space in your storage unit in Hacienda Heights. This way if you need to place more items in your storage unit In Hacienda Heights,  you will be able to, or you can save money by minimizing the amount of storage units you need. It’s a win /win situation all around.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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